This Georgia woman is about to get her own superhero movie after she came to the rescue of a doe in distress—not once, but twice in just a matter of minutes.

Chloe Dorsey had been out for a morning jog in Stone Mountain Park last week when she came across a deer that had gotten its hips stuck in between the bars of a metal fence.

Since she was unable to help the critter push through the rungs, Dorsey managed to pull the two poles apart so it could run free.

To Dorsey’s exasperation, however, the doe only ran several hundred more feet before it got stuck in between the bars of yet another fence.

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“You need to learn how to jump, boo!” chides Dorsey as she hikes over to the doe once more. “What is gonna happen when I’m not here?”

When the second fence proves to be more difficult to pry apart, Dorsey becomes increasingly nervous about the deer’s fate—but she still continues to persevere.

After pulling at the bars several more times, millimeter by millimeter, Dorsey jumps over the fence—and although her landing may not have been the most graceful hurtle in history, it startles the deer just enough for it to successfully run away from the loosened fence poles.

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As the liberated doe rejoins the rest of the herd nearby, Dorsey jokingly yells after them: “Y’all need to show her how to jump!”

Since publishing the videos to social media, Dorsey has become an internet sensation. She also wrote that she was more than happy to help the distressed animal, although she explains that had only been cracking jokes about the deer’s plight out of anxiety for its freedom.

“The second time was more frightening than the first. We were both scared for each other…!” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m so happy I was at the right place at the right time!”

(WATCH the video below)

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