the_salvation_army.jpgA charity fundraising event pitting leaders of Ohio’s two major political parties against each other to benefit The Salvation Army produced results about as close as some of their election battles. A final tally from the bell ringing kettle event in front of the Statehouse last week showed Republicans narrowly edging Democrats in the competition.

Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine of the Ohio Republican Party manned a kettle on one side of the McKinley Monument, while Chairman Chris Redfern of the Ohio Democratic Party was further north on High Street.

The Salvation Army said the GOP raised $1,175. Most of the money ($826.66) was in online donations, while the rest ($348.34) came from the kettle.

Democrats raised $1,135.94. Most of the money ($829.29) was online, with the rest ($306.65) from the kettle.

(Source, the Salvation Army)

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