In a mission to make it available to everyone over 55 at an affordable price, UK scientists have developed a “polypill” which they say could save 100,000 lives a year. With its combination of cholesterol-busting statin, three medicines to lower blood pressure, and folic acid , it could prevent four-fifths of heart attacks and strokes, says its maker,  the London-based Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine. (Daily Mail)


  1. This is NOT NECESSARILY GOOD NEWS, even though it may sound like it is! Recent research is pointing to questions about how/why the statin drugs work to reduce heart attacks and that it is more likely due to their anti-inflamatory properties, rather than their cholesterol lowering effect. This anti-inflamatory effect can be achieved through dietary changes…reducing sweets and meats, etc…and at no additional cost. Then there are the unknown side effects of any one of these drugs, let alone their cumulative effect. There is some research showing possible increased incidence of heart attacks in people taking just one of the statins and then there is muscle weakness, mental confusion, memory loss, falls and fractures due to the muscle weakness, etc, etc. This is typical pharma-medicine thinking…for everything there must be a pill! NO THANKS!!

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