Kirk Reeves portland entertainerPortlanders are remembering a man who for five years played music, did magic tricks and smiled at cars from a sidewalk corner bordering the city’s Hawthorne Bridge.

Rain or shine, and always dressed in a white tuxedo and Mickey Mouse ears, Kirk Reeves could be seen entertaining passers by.

Befitting the memory of the effervescent “Trumpet Man”, a hundred friends and strangers gathered in the cold and rain yesterday under the bridge to pay tribute. Portland’s mayor spoke at the candlelight memorial service, as did Reeves’ roommate and afterward a band played ragtime music.

Portland bridge memorial to musicianA group has set up a crowd-funding page to set up a memorial on the corner where Reeves always placed his stool. So far, they have raised $2,900 toward their goal of $5,000.

Kirk Reeves took his own life late last week. Since his death, fans have been leaving flowers, gifts and Mickey Mouse toys on the spot where Reeves performed.

Read updates on a Memorial Facebook page, here, and another Facebook page called, Working Kirk Reeves.

(WATCH the inspiring tribute below from KOIN, or READ the story in the Oregonian)

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