puppies behind barsAcross the state of Missouri, dog rescue programs set up by the state’s Department of Corrections are thriving in prisons, creating a more humane inmate population while getting shelter dogs ready for adoption.

The dogs have a remarkable impact on the offenders training them. Their behavior improves, with the built-in incentive to maintain good conduct records so they continue training the dogs. Offenders not directly involved in the program are also softening, with staff morale enhanced by the presence of the dogs.

As the program evolved, the idea of removing from shelters the dogs that were deaf, and thus hard to adopt, and teaching them sign language, has led to dogs being delivered to a school for deaf children.

A deaf dachshund, Sparky, now is “right at home with the school’s youngsters,” who have taught him additional sign language. And a second deaf dog, a Boston Terrier named Petie, may be on his way to the school soon.

Read the sign language story from Reuters News.

WATCH the video below, featuring the Puppies for Parole program… (Thanks to Steve G. for submitting the link!

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