Title: The Psychology of Healing Addiction, Abuse, and Trauma

The Lesson: Healing from intense emotional experiences does not happen overnight – it can literally take years of rewiring someone’s brain in order to get past certain traumas. But if you – or any of your loved ones – have experienced these kinds of circumstances, here is some invaluable advice from an expert on trauma, addiction, emotional and sexual abuse, and anger management.

Notable Excerpt: “The thing that I’m thinking about all the time that might be interesting to other people is how bodily-based a lot of our experiences are – that the idea of looking in the brain for all the answers is a mistake. The brain is a processing unit, there is a lot going on there, but we have all these other systems in our body that are just as complex.”

The Guest: Over the course of his 30-year career in psychology, health, and counseling, Dr. Drew Pinsky has become a goldmine of information on dealing with trauma. Dr. Drew is the author of several bestselling self-help books, including “Cracked: Life on the Edge in a Rehab Clinic” and “The Mirror Effect”. In addition to hosting multiple hit podcasts, such as The Dr. Drew and Adam Show and the Dr. Drew Show, he is famous for hosting several reality TV shows and self-help radio segments.

The Host: After spending years of his young life and athletic career struggling with his own emotional wellbeing, a crippling injury left Lewis Howes without an identity and without any work. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, however, Howes recreated himself as a multi-million dollar media producer, motivational speaker, bestselling author, and podcast host. The ex-football player now spends his days chatting with the most inspirational icons of this generation on his School of Greatness podcast.

Podcast: The School of Greatness podcast is available for download on Soundcloud and iTunes. You can also watch footage of the interviews on Howes’s YouTube channel.

Books: Howes is the author of the New York Times bestselling book “The School of Greatness”: an in-depth collection of lessons and wisdom that he has gathered from interviewing hundreds of the world’s greatest role models and thinkers. Howes’s latest book, “The Mask of Masculinity”, is based on his experience with the dangerous stereotypes and expectations that are placed on men in modern society.

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