Buckingham Palace lit for Jubilee by fireworksThe four-day Diamond Jubilee celebrating 60 years of service from Queen Elizabeth ending yesterday with a concert and fireworks display that gave the British people something to be proud of in the midst of their tough economic recovery.

The pomp and pagaentry of the many events offered something for the conservative and modern-minded alike.

For the young and old, a concert last night with spectacular light show projected along the entire face of Buckingham Palace provided an artistic exclamation point to the weekend. 10,000 royal subjects were given tickets to the event inside the Palace grounds, with their names being drawn in a public lottery. (See the story of their picnic earlier in the day, Queen Invites 10,000 Random British Subjects to Palace Picnic)

The 86-year-old queen remained standing for much of the 4-day celebration, keeping up with the rigorous pace of parades, picnics and partying.

(WATCH the NBC video below for highlights of the weekend)



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