Football buddies organ transplant-UC-SanDiegoIn October 2013, Louis Munoz donated one of his kidneys to William Lynch. The organ match would not have occurred without a bit of serendipity and a big love of football.

Munoz and Lynch hadn’t seen each other in years – then they found themselves randomly seated next to each other with season tickets for San Diego Chargers games.

“Louis and I knew each other as kids and then lost touch. Years later, by surprise, we ended up sitting right next to each other at Chargers games,” said William, a middle school teacher.

When William started missing games, Louis asked him why. His friend explained it was due to kidney complications. Louis immediately volunteered to be tested as a possible donor.

“I am so blessed that Louis has chosen to give me this new lease on life,” said William. “I had been on dialysis for more than two years. Mentally and physically it was the hardest part I had to endure,” said William whose kidney failure was caused by a rare disease that attacks the organ’s filtering system.

(READ the story from UC San Diego)

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