The Game in Concert CC Daniele Dalledonne

Rapper “The Game” is stepping up the game for celebrities who want to contribute to suffering residents of Flint, Michigan during the city’s contaminated water crisis. He delivered a million dollars, in cash and water, and challenged other smaller donors, like Jimmy Fallon and Madonna who gave $10,000 each, to open their wallets wider.

The Game, also known as Jayceon Terrell Taylor, has given $500,000 of his own money and he worked with Avita Water to provide another half-million in free bottled water for city residents.

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Flint’s water supply became contaminated after the city switched sources and lead leeched from old pipes into its drinking water.

Other celebrities such as Cher, and Pearl Jam, and Big Sean have contributed money and bottled water to the city’s people, but The Game’s gift is believed to be the largest single contribution so far.

Stay tuned to see how many celebrities take him up on his million-dollar challenge.

Photo:  Daniele-Dalledonne, CC

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