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A letter written by beloved naturalist and television personality Steve Irwin expressing his gratitude towards his parents was recently discovered only ten years after his death.

The Crocodile Hunter passed away in 2006 when a stingray barb stabbed him through the heart while he was filming an ocean documentary.

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His wife, daughter, and parents – Bob and Lyn Irwin – continue his legacy through their wildlife work in Australia.

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“Probably one of the most unfortunate things in a ‘Bloke’s Life’ is that it takes over 30 years to realize how essential you have been to build my character, my ethics and, most importantly, my HAPPINESS,” wrote Irwin, 12 years before his death. “At 32, I am finally starting to figure it out. In good times and in bad, you were there. Your strength and endurance to raise me will not go unrewarded. My love for you is my strength! For the rest of my life I will reflect on the unbelievably GREAT times we’ve shared and will continue to share. You’re my best friends!”

The letter – which his father only discovered last year hidden in a book with “Please be happy to know that your strength and wisdom have been passed on” written on the front of the envelope – will be published in Bob Irwin’s memoir The Last Crocodile Hunter: A Father and Son Legacy on the anniversary of Steve’s passing.

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