Roxanne dog finds lost woman screenshot WVEC

A dog rescued from a shelter in August turned into the hero who did his own rescuing this week– finding a missing elderly woman who was lost in the cold wearing just a nightgown.

Rebecca Burley was taking Roxanne the Labrador-hound mix for a walk around their Suffolk, Virginia neighborhood last week when they ran into a police search party.

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The officers were looking for an elderly woman who’d wandered away from a relative’s house.

Rebecca promised to keep her eyes open for the missing woman, but it was the dog who tracked down the senior later on their walk.

The dog started tugging on her leash, pulling Rebecca off the sidewalk and toward a ditch where the dog had spotted the missing woman, lying on the ground in distress.

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After the ambulance and police were called to take the woman to a hospital, Roxanne the hound got an extra dog treat at the heroic day’s end.

(WATCH the video from WVEC News below) — Photo: WVEC

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