Beach joy splashes-Photo by SunStarFor 15 years, dentists from around the U.S. have teamed up with women who are domestic abuse survivors in need of major dental work to provide new smiles at no cost.

Give Back A Smile is the only national assistance program that repairs teeth due to intimate partner violence. To date, the program has restored the smiles of more than 1,400 domestic violence survivors.  Volunteer dentists provide on average $9,000 worth of smile-zone restoration treatment at no charge to qualified adult domestic violence survivors.

Survivors apply for services through the Madison, Wisconsin-based program, but can get help from anywhere in the U.S.

To honor their courage and spread the word about the program, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation has partnered with Harlequin romance author Isabel Sharpe to present an ebook love story about new beginnings. The e-book is available for 99 cents via Amazon Kindle and proceeds go to the Give Back a Smile program.

“We are looking to help more abuse survivors and felt that this e-book would provide a wonderful way to spread the word to prospective patients,” said Trish Jones, AACDCF Board of Trustees Chair.

The 127-page e-novella entitled “For One of Your Smiles…” tells the story of a young woman who escapes her abuser and learns to overcome insecurities and fear to find love again. Details about the Give Back a Smile program are featured at the end of the book, providing an easy way to share program information with a friend in need.

“While writing this story, not only did I fall in love with the fictional town of Werden, Wisconsin, and its quirky inhabitants, but I also found it very satisfying to guide my heroine Miranda’s transformation from a victim of domestic abuse into a woman in charge of her own life and happiness,” said Sharpe.  “The novella is written with a light touch, but knowing that the story might help real women in trouble made this a truly moving and rewarding experience.”

If you or someone you know could be helped by GBAS, please visit the GBAS website at or call toll-free 800.773.4227 for more information.

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