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An Arlington, Virginia fire captain and his team of romantic firefighters saved the day for a bride and groom Saturday after a snow storm wrecked their wedding plans.

23-year-old Camille Bethea was told at the last minute that their wedding venue had a caved-in roof. After another venue cancelled due to unplowed snow in their parking lot, the pastor called to say he would have to cancel.

With 25 guests from out of town ready to see a wedding, she needed a rescue, and who better to turn to than firefighters.parents-in-50s-WhartonFamilyPhoto-news7logo

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Bethea rang up Arlington County’s Fire Station 105 and told her frantic tale to Captain Chuck Kramaric.

“The crew that I work with are romantics,” Kramaric told WJLA. So, by the time the couple arrived Saturday evening, firefighters at the station had mopped floors, set up chairs, and “rigged up a table as a makeshift altar.”

They even played romantic music on the fire truck’s radio for the couple’s first dance while the truck’s red lights swirled around like a disco ball.

The relief was doubly satisfying because Camille’s new husband Marc, a Marine Corps reservist, is shipping out for deployment in the next couple of months.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from WJLA)

Photo from Arlington Fire Twitter feed @ACFDPIO / Story tip from Autumn Taylor Yates

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