People were calling it the best Twitter post of all time.

@Deno_Tron, who describes himself a stand-up comedian earned a quarter million Likes for his hilarious tweet after he pranked his roommate.

The Italian from Brooklyn wrote that he had been asked by his roomie to clean up a bit before he arrived back home with a date.

We don’t know if Deno had any time to clean up, because he got busy creating a tabletop shrine to Princess Diana, instead. And he placed it in Thom’s bedroom.

Encircling several lit candles, he arranged three framed photographs of Lady Di adorned with hearts—and added a small vase of flowers for that daily-tended look.

He even printed out a sign that read “Thom and Diana, Lovers Seperated by Time and Circumstance”.

From among more than one thousand comments on the post, fans expressed their awe for this guy’s ability to win the day and make us laugh. Almost a third toasted his choice of Comic Sans font.

This quip, though, takes the trophy for best comeback: Andrew Malin (@antiqueboy) replied, Siri, play “Candle in the Wind” …

Because GNN curates a Good Laughs page, we just had to share this. Although it is six months old, such well played and harmless pranks are as timeless as the People’s Princess.

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