The Lesson: When we think of the word “addiction”, we tend to immediately think of the absolute worst forms of alcoholism and substance abuse. But according to Russell Brand – a celebrity who has overcome almost every form of addiction – everyone is addicted to something. In this fascinating interview, the media mogul himself talks about how we can overcome our own addictions and learn to love ourselves in a consumer-crazy culture.

Notable Excerpt: “All substance addiction is, is it distills perfectly the phenomenon of addiction. Because if you withdraw from heroin, you know what it is you need. But I think a lot of us suffer from the notion that there is something missing from our lives; that there is something that is not whole about us; that we are, in some way, inadequate, and we can address this through consuming. Now our culture relies on us feeling like this, mate … capitalism depends on the perennial stimulation of desire. But if you don’t need anything, then you’re not going to buy the Saint Laurents or the Nikes.”

The Speaker: Russell Brand is an outspoken author and hilarious comedian, actor, and radio host who often discusses how he utilized meditation to overcome the many addictions (see list below) which held him hostage in the early stages of his career. In addition to starring in dozens of films and media productions, he wrote “Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions”, which is described as “a guide to all kinds of addiction from a star who has struggled with heroin, alcohol, sex, fame, food and eBay.”

The Host: Jay Shetty is an inspirational speaker, YouTube show host, and content creator who turned away from his pursuit of wealth and fame at the age of 22 so he could become a monk and wander across Europe and India. Now, as his career blossoms across social media, Shetty is considered to be one of the most widely-viewed international motivational speakers with millions of viewers seeking his wisdom on life, love, business, and health.

(WATCH the inspiring talk below, or on YouTube) – Editor’s note: this talk contains some mature content and some cursing.

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