Deadpool would be impressed with this teen’s handling of a breakup.

High schooler Gabi Dunn took to Twitter last week when her boyfriend dumped her a few days after prom.

Instead of wasting the prom pics, however, she decided to put them to even better use.

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Dunn used her Photoshop skills to paste Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds over her ex-boyfriend’s face.

Though her editing skills weren’t of the highest caliber, they got the movie star’s attention.

Reynolds tweeted back to the teen with some rock solid advice on her next move.

As Dunn’s post started spreading under the hashtag #Don’tMessWithGabi, other teens contributed their own edited prom “dates”.

And then Twitter users started contributing their own Photoshop expertise.

But the best contribution by far was from a Twitter user who gave Reynolds a verbal nudge, saying that a real prom photo with Dunn would take the cake.

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