helping shoppers with umbrella kindness-FB Deepak Saini
In times of deep distress, sometimes it’s the smallest acts that can send the most powerful message—and one former reporter snapped a photo in a pouring rainstorm that he thought would be just the tonic for current events.

At a Target store in Kenner, Louisiana, shoppers were waiting out a torrential downpour instead of running to their car when one man began escorting people with his umbrella.

”I noticed this kind gentleman with a big smile on his face, drenched from head to toe, escorting women, mothers and kids to their cars, and helping them unload their groceries,” Deepak Saini told TODAY. “Every time he returned, he said, ‘Who’s next?’ with a big smile on his face.”

So, Saini shot a photo of the good deed, and the image stuck with him for the rest of the week.

He later posted it on Facebook, commenting, “I’m sure he was busy and had his own family to return to. But in that moment, it didn’t matter that he was black and the woman in this picture was white. It was one human helping another.”

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“Right now we seem so focused on race and are letting ourselves be painfully divided. Kindness is something we all need to give to each other right now and let this man be an example.”

WGNO News in New Orleans spoke with the hero, James Varnado, who said, “People are people… It doesn’t matter if you’re the richest person in the world or the poorest person in the world—somebody needs help? Help ’em.”

(WATCH the video below from WGNO)

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