Savannahs Soldiers letter campaignIt all started when 11-year-old Savannah Ogden’s friend learned she would lose the daily contact with her father that most kids take for granted. He was being deployed to Afghanistan for a year. Savannah wanted to help ease the pain of military families who are separated from their loved ones.

The girlfriends decided to write letters to soldiers thanking them for their service. Mailing personal letters from home — around thirty a week — led to a campaign to rally school children in every part of the country.

Savannah’s Soldiers” has already encouraged kids to send thousands of letters to the troops in Afghanistan.

Soldiers letter from child - Savannah's SoldiersThe service members really appreciate it, too.

“Anything from home always makes you feel good,” Capt. Bryan Durham told Today. “When you get a letter from a little kid saying, ‘Good job,’ ‘We’re thinking of you,’ ‘Thank you…’ You can’t explain it.”


(WATCH the video from TODAY)

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