If this woman hadn’t gone back inside to back a little lunch before walking her dogs, she may have been rolling down her wheelchair ramp – which is exactly where a woman crashed her truck on Sunday afternoon.

Ellen Meharey of Tarentum, Pennsylvania skipped breakfast on her way to church that morning and was about to go out with her pups Joey and Bella when she felt her stomach rumble. The senior decided to make a sandwich before heading out the door.

As she was putting the snack together in her kitchen, Ellen heard a sudden screech and a crash from outside.

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When she went to the front of her house, she saw that a truck had careened into her yard, destroying her railing and knocking over her wheelchair ramp. Since the truck was on its side, Ellen couldn’t tell whether the driver was harmed or not; she simply called 911.

As she was waiting for paramedics to arrive, she realized the consequences of her decision; if Ellen hadn’t switched up her Sunday routine, she may have been struck by the rogue vehicle.

“I wanted to get something to eat before I took the dogs out,” Ellen Meharey told WISN. “I just decided to make a half a sandwich and get something to eat before I went out, and I am so glad I did.”

The driver was treated on the spot and was healthy enough to abstain from a trip to the hospital.

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