Students in this South Carolina school district are taught from an early age that police officers are their friends, thanks to a resource-officer program that brings cops into classrooms.

For a lucky foster kid, one policeman turned into more than just a friend.

officer michael gibson reading Screen Shot wyff youtubeMaster Deputy Mike Gibson went from working at the District 6 Child Development Center while off duty to working as the school’s full-time resource officer. As he spent more time with the children, one little boy went from calling him Officer Mike to Officer Dad.

“He was searching. He was definitely a child in need,” Gibson told WYFF. “He was in need of parents, that’s what he wanted.”

The six-year-old had already been in eight different foster homes.

Gisbon, who works for the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, said that adopting the child was the first thing in his career that he really felt “called” to do.Dog licking police officer - familyphoto

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After months of filing papers and obtaining certifications, that little boy will now get to call Officer Gibson “dad.”

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