Seattle fan gives shirt off back to kid-McElravyFamilyPhoto-FB13-year-old Austin McElravy was attending his first NFL game with his dad, but the die-hard Packers fans were surrounded during the championship final by some not-so-nice Seattle Seahawks fans — except for one.

After the last minute loss, the young Packers-lover was happy for the guy next to him, PJ Ledorze, who had befriended the family throughout the game. He congratulated him on the wild victory, and PJ suddenly pulled off his beloved Seahawks jersey and gave it to Austin.

The family took a photo and was very touched, but they never got PJ’s last name, and later wanted to thank him again. They contacted a local TV station that then posted the McElravy’s photo in an effort to locate the generous sportsman.

“Can you help us get in contact with this fan? We attended the game today and my son and I are die-hard Packers fans. At the game there was one fan (a 12) who was pretty vulgar to us and said some pretty rude things to me and my 13 year old son Austin. The whole game this guy in a Sherman Jersey was talking to us having a good time…offered to trade jerseys with us (but we did not want to give up our Green and Gold). At the end of the game my son congratulated him on a great game and PJ took off his Sherman Super Bowl Jersey and GAVE it to my son. We were moved to tearsOaklandRaider-with-4yo-ailing-fan-TonyGonzales:Raidersphoto…the 12’s showed what being a Seahawk fan is truly about.”

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After the publicity, PJ was found, and received hundreds of compliments on Facebook and Instagram for his sportsmanlike behavior. Now his generosity is being rewarded.

On Tuesday, the star player on Seattle’s team, Richard Sherman (the player whose jersey Ledorze had worn and given away), posted a big shout-out for the kind gesture.

“I appreciate what you did for for Austin. I’m going to send you a new signed Jersey and some gear from my store. I know you didn’t expect anything in return, but you deserve it.”

(WATCH the inspiring video below or READ the King-5 story here)

Story tip from Judy Ritchie

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