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Plant Compounds Used to Successfully Treat Alzheimer’s in Mice Now Shown to Prevent Other Effects of Aging

The exciting discovery builds on research suggesting that we can treat and reverse Alzheimer's by turning our attention to the neural effects of aging.

New Research Links Five Simple Lifestyle Choices to a 60% Reduced Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s

This latest study on Alzheimer's prevention only adds to a growing body of research illustrating just how much our habits can determine our future.

After Breakthrough Trials, Alzheimer’s Vaccine That Uses the Body’s Immune System May Soon Be Tested on Humans

After the Alzheimer’s vaccine produced surprisingly good results in mice, researchers are now looking for funding to test the vaccine on humans.

Examen Rutinario de la Vista Podría Detectar Estadios Tempranos de la Enfermedad de Alzheimer’s en Segundos De Acuerdo a Un Nuevo Estudio

Este rápido examen rutinario de la vista podría ofrecer un pronto diagnóstico y llevar a tratamientos que son más efectivos que las actuales terápias.

How Flickering Lights or Electrical Stimulation Might Banish Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Alzheimer’s Disease, along with anxiety disorders, Parkinson’s, clinical depression, and other neurological diseases are notoriously difficult conditions to find treatment for. Because the diseases...

Experimental Alzheimer’s Drug Stirs Hope After Early Trials Reduce Toxic Protein Clusters by 70%

An experimental new drug is inspiring “cautious optimism” in researchers after its late-stage trials showed great success in reducing the progression and symptoms of...

Watch the Heartwarming Moment Two Sisters With Alzheimer’s Reunite After 15 Years

It’s been fifteen years since these two sisters have seen each other – and despite both of them having Alzheimer's disease, they immediately recognize...

This One Peptide Could Treat MS, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, and More

After observing the drug's efficacy against a multitude of currently incurable diseases, this scientist wants “to do everything possible” to make his drug a widespread treatment.

Alzheimer’s Patients Here Gain New Attitude on Life After Being Given Baby Dolls to Care For

While baby dolls normally bring out the nurturing instincts in children, they are now producing joy in a whole new demographic. A chain of assisted...

Watch Woman With Alzheimer’s React to Meeting Her Baby Granddaughter Again and Again

The 77-year-old grandma had the exact same heartwarming reaction to meeting her newborn granddaughter for the “first time”.

No Need for Fillings: Alzheimer’s Drug Can Stimulate Tooth Renewal

This molecule used to treat Alzheimer's patients has been discovered to naturally and efficiently renew decaying teeth.

Blueberries May Fend Off Alzheimer’s: It’s All About The Anthocyanins

The blueberry, already known to be a ‘super fruit’ for its power to potentially lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, also could...

Kirk Douglas Gives $15 Million on 99th Birthday to Build Alzheimer’s Center

Screen legend Kirk Douglas celebrated his 99th birthday last week, but instead of receiving gifts, he used the occasion to give one — a...

Discovery Promises New Treatments, Possible Prevention of Alzheimer’s

A new discovery of how Alzheimer’s disease destroys connections in the brain opens the door for new treatments and a possible cure or prevention...

You May Be Reducing Your Alzheimer’s Risk Already With Everyday Habits

A new study suggests that certain lifestyle choices that we don’t think twice about may reduce our risk of later developing the most common...

Nasal Spray Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Regain Some Mental Function

An insulin nasal spray has shown it can boost memory and other mental functions for people with Alzheimer’s. Patients in the early stages of...

Memory Loss Associated with Alzheimer’s Reversed for First Time

Since it was first described over 100 years ago, Alzheimer’s disease has been without an effective treatment. That may finally be about to change. In...

Protein Treatment Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

A protein called klotho has been shown to protect against learning and memory deficits despite the accumulation of Alzheimer-related toxins in the brain, according...
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Orange County Woman Leaves $27 Million to Alzheimer’s Organization

Jim McAleer, CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Orange County chapter, is in disbelief about an act of charity from a woman he’s never met....
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Fight Alzheimer’s by Keeping These Items in Your Kitchen

Brain research expert Dr. Pat McGeer eats ginger every day, one of his personal strategies for warding off Alzheimer’s disease. Along with ginger, try blackberries,...