This 27-year-old security guard is responsible for saving dozens of lives after a deranged driver started driving a truck towards Swedish parliament on Friday.

Santiago Cueva was sitting idly in his van near Åhlens, a department store on Drottninggatan in Stockholm, Sweden, when he saw a large truck driving down the road.

Since Drottninggatan is a popular city walkway, hundreds of pedestrians and onlookers were running out of the way of the veering vehicle. Santiago, however, started his van and accelerated into the oncoming truck, causing the driver to lose control and crash into the store. Santiago then jumped out of his van to help the injured pedestrians.

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While police rushed to the scene, the driver reportedly escaped into the panicked crowds. The suspect has since been arrested and – according to his lawyer – has recently confessed to the act as a “terrorist crime”.

But if the suspect had been allowed to keep driving, his crimes may have been much worse – the Swedish Parliament building was about 550 yards down the Drottninggatan.

“I was not scared,” Ecuador-born Santiago told the Daily Mail Online. “It was actually a strange feeling when it happened. The lorry was coming towards me and all my focus was on helping protect people in some way. So I drove my van in front of it in order to stop it from getting any further.”

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