One good deed has led to another for a man who broke a tenet of his religion to help a little boy hurt in an accident.

Sikh-removes-turban-accident-releasedWe told you earlier this week how, even though Sikhs are never supposed to take off their turbans in public, Harman Singh (right) removed his and used it to help an injured boy.

When a New Zealand television news crew interviewed Singh later in his apartment, they noticed his empty rooms held very little furniture.

The staff at the station, spurred by comments from viewers, contacted a local furniture store owner and together they surprised Singh with a reward for his kindness. They showed up with a new bed, sofa, chair and coffee table.

Through tears, Mr. Singh, whose father died last year, said, “This the biggest surprise of my life.”Muslim_man_gives_shoes-graphic-Surjit_Singh_VirkPhotos

Muslim Man on Bus Gives His Shoes to Homeless Guy Who Had None

He said he knew his father would be proud of him, too.

(WATCH their video below or READ more at TVNZPhoto: TVNZ video