Dental before and after-David Bryant-DrBrunoSilvaThe Brighton Implant Clinic recently began offering free dental treatment  to patients who have exceptional circumstances and are unable to afford treatment. Of the dozens treated, David Bryant who works with blind war veterans, is perhaps the most inspiring.

Several of his colleagues entered his name into a contest on Facebook that offered to the winner a brand new set of teeth, a treatment that normally costs between $10,000-$24,000 (£6500-£15,000).

Inundated with entries from potential patients telling their stories, the UK dentists agreed that Mr. Bryant’s caught their eye.

He works with the charity Blind Veterans UK, teaching creative skills like painting, drawing, sculpture and woodworking. Although he is a much loved character around the shop, friends and family say David suffered from low self-esteem due to his appearance. His great personality was often shadowed by a lack of confidence.

He started to lose his teeth 15 years ago due to accidents and decay and had only a few top teeth left by the time of his first appointment with Dr. Bruno Silva.

“The transformation was quite incredible,” Dr. Silva told the Good News Network. “He is such a kind person, it was great to give him something in return.”

Colleagues were thrilled when Bryant won the contest, describing him as a selfless man who is always working hard to help others and putting their needs ahead of his own.

The treatment consisted of extractions and “all-on-4” implants. Bryant arrived early for the procedure and left in the afternoon with a full upper arch of shiny new pearly whites. He said pain was minimal and his recovery was quick. Most importantly, the results were amazing. When he arrived for his follow up appointment the difference was immediately noticeable – even in the way he carried himself.

“It was really an amazing feeling to see someone appreciate your work that much,” said Dr. Silva. “Especially when you learn that his daughter had never seen him with teeth before.”

“Now David can eat an apple or a steak and best of all he can smile with confidence.”

WATCH the wonderful transformation in the video below…

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