“Magical” was the word of the week as 85 elders from Signature HealthCARE were transported back to their childhoods during an all-expenses-paid dream vacation to Walt Disney World.

“It’s a dream come true to come here,” said one giddy senior.


This is the fourth consecutive year Signature has raised money to take groups of nursing home residents on the vacations of their dreams.

“I didn’t know nursing homes did things like this,” said one gentleman in the video below. “I just thought they played bingo and things like that.”

seniors-riding-disney-coaster-YouTube submitted

“I wanted to ride Splash Mountain, which they said I probably couldn’t do, but I did,” said a resident, who has this picture to prove it. “It feels wonderful… I broke down crying.”


(WATCH the sweet video below) Story tip from Heather Finney

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