So I had one of those boredom moments, you know the moments when life seems perfectly okay and everything is in it’s place so you should be super happy but in just one flash you feel like you want to shout “I’m so bored!”

It’s amazing how everything can be good yet not good enough: A seemingly fine period can feel like a vacuum sucking the life force out of you.


That was me a few months ago and I had to pause to question, “What the f*%# is wrong with me?”

I started searching around for answers and finally realized that although we need certainty to feel secure and safe, we need uncertainty to feel alive.

So, feeling bored and needing to shift doesn’t necessarily mean I am searching for drama or thrill seeking; it simply comes from not having one of our personality needs met.

One of my helpful keys to facing the realm of uncertainty is the manifestation process.

Manifestation work is something that helps me to feel connected to, as I like to call it, the “all being” (God, universe, Jesus, Brahma, etc.). It also gives me creative space to dream and invent. Doing this keeps me connected to the element of surprise and that which is unwritten.

Contrary to some spiritual teachers of manifestation, I don’t use manifestation to attempt to control my future. I delight in the process of playing with the ‘all being‘ and engaging the unwritten, uncertain future.

A part of me opens up to the unknown, without trying to control it, whenever I ask, “What will you have me create with you today?” In this flow of creation I don’t feel bored. Not ever. Nothing is certain and all is connected.

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When we shift our idea for manifesting from the ego’s need to control to the spirit’s abundant joy connected to its source, our lives can change in the most gratifying and uncertain ways. Suddenly life is alive, fresh, and in trusting harmony.

For today, take 5 minutes to breathe and be still. Connect to an open mind and heart. Ask, “What will you have me create with you today?” Bring forth your wildest dreams. Begin to feel like your dreams could become a reality. It’s your turn to live an amazing life. Start now.

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  1. What a wonderful article. I am currently dealing with what you are referring to however, as a Hindu I identify with this as “restlessness”. Someone mentioned to me the other day… You have a great job, you are paid what you are worth you have a nice house and vehicle, your daughter is starting her life out on the right foot and your husbands health is improving! How could you want more? or not be happy? My guru has told me for a long time to that I need to calm down and learn to quite myself to be able to feel the joy and connectivity that you spoke about in your article. I think your representation of this struggle exists for all of us. When we as individuals recognize it for ourselves, that is what is the difference. Everyone’s journey is their own and until you have personally experienced it, it makes it very difficult to understand. Thank you

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