This 54-year-old woman used the horrifying events of her past as a catalyst for helping people in the future.

Maria Korcsmaros was training for a triathlon last year when she was bitten by a great white shark measuring nine-feet long.

When lifeguards at the Newport, California beach pulled her out of the water, she had sustained severe damage to her torso. She was immediately shuttled to the Orange County Global Medical Center.

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The swimmer was diagnosed with a fractured pelvis, three broken ribs, and muscle damage to her waist and arm. After being treated in the intensive care unit for three days, she was released a week and a half later. Though her movement was strained, she was able to walk.

Thanks to intensive training and exercise, Maria has essentially made a full recovery – and she has started volunteering at the life-changing trauma center, so she can help the next woman wheeled in.

And, if you were wondering whether this athletic woman has let the memory of a shark attack keep her out of the water, she reportedly jumped right back in the ocean for the “Mission Day” triathlon in October.

(WATCH the video below)

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