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There are many heroes in animal rescue and sometimes that hero can be another dog – saving himself while saving another.

A black lab puppy named Gunther came into the Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services in bad shape. He was anemic from flea infestation and extremely weak. Shelter workers feared he wouldn’t make it.

He was in desperate need of a blood transfusion and fortunately, another young dog, a one-year-old Catahoula mix named Hula, was able to donate blood to help the pup.

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Soon after, Hula was adopted by Cassi James and her 7-year-old daughter, Jaedyn. It was clear from the start that Hula was perfect for their family. “She is such a good dog, so tame,” James told the Saint Augustine Record.. “And she’s so good with Jaedyn.”

Two days later, James and her family were surprised to be contacted by a local Florida TV station. The station was doing a story on blood donor dogs and wanted to include Hulu’s story. That’s how James learned that their new dog was also a hero and that she’d saved the life of another puppy by giving her blood.

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James agreed and brought Hula to the station for the interview. Gunther, the puppy she saved, was also there. The two dogs knew each other immediately. “Gunther went right to Hula,” James said. “It seemed like she felt a connection,” she added.

After realizing the special connection the two dogs shared, and seeing how well they got along, Cassie knew they had to adopt Gunther as well. So that’s what she and her family did.

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Gunther, now eight weeks old, has recovered and is doing well, especially now with Hulu by his side. “They’ve completed our family,” said James (see the picture, here). “They are the best dogs.”

Originally published by HaloPets, Reprinted with permission– Photo of Jacksonville officials by Shannon Carvell Photography

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