Donating money for groceries-WSVNvidA police officer in south Florida was faced Monday with the prospect of arresting a single mother who was caught shoplifting groceries to feed her family. Vicki Thomas was so moved by the plight of the struggling mom of three children that she decided to buy her $100 worth of groceries.

“Arresting her wasn’t going to solve the problem,” said officer Thomas, who also charged her with a misdemeanor.

Since the story went public Monday, the public has also stepped up to help Jessica Robles. She was taken to Walmart to buy $500 in groceries donated from Restoration 1 of Miami and was given another $200 from Good Samaritan, Mayra Lapierre.

Not only that, the owner of interviewed Robles on Tuesday for a customer service job and hired her on the spot.

“There’s no words,” said Jessica who believes her children will never go hungry again thanks to the kindness of strangers.

(WATCH the video or READ the story from CNN)


  1. I was split about thinking this was a heartwarming story vs. an unlawful act that was rewarded.

    I love the fact that Officer Thomas wanted to do something special for the shoplifter Jessica. But doesn’t the story give credit to the act of shoplifting? Meaning, something that is illegal is rewarded? Theresa not only received what she needed and more in groceries, she was hired in a job. All well and good for her, but what message does that send to others in need? Shoplifting should not be a viable way to gain societal benefits. Others in need go to food banks, churches, and apply for government food stamps. Wasn’t there an alternative for her? The story could have been about how her ways have been mended and if she gets into trouble, or sees others in trouble, how to get the help without shoplifting.

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