Corey Fox has had a hand in the flourishing of several popular indie bands – and now he’s been thanked with a much-needed kidney.

Fox, owner of the Velour Live Music Club in Provo, Utah, helped groups like Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons get their start in the industry. Fox has also suffered from chronic kidney disease since he was 15. Nine months ago, he published a statement about his condition and a plea for a kidney donor.

In gratitude for his service, an organ was offered to him by none other than Brandon Robbins – the lead singer and guitarist of The Moth & The Flame, an indie rock group that Fox mentored in its infancy.

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“Corey has created a music scene in a town most people have never heard of. He developed a kinship between all the bands,” wrote the band’s keyboardist Mark Garbett. “He is the friend and mentor to all of us. Corey and Brandon were especially close. They hung out together all the time and became two of each other’s closest friends.”

The singer went in for testing and discovered he was a perfect match for the donation. On December 20th, the two underwent a successful surgery and together prepared for the months of recovery ahead.

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“Brandon was honestly more excited about doing this than he was to play with Weezer,” he added. “I am proud to know both of these guys. And I think Brandon just earned himself a year of no loading in or out.”

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