softball_selflessness.jpgHow many teams — with as much to lose — would show the same selflessness? A member of a women’s softball team hit a home run over the fence during the playoffs, but collapsed with a knee injury at first base.  Players on the opposing team asked umpires if they could carry her around the remaining bases so that her home run could be counted as her own — her first home run ever.  As a result, their team was eliminated from the playoffs, yet it appears that no one on either team is unhappy. 

(Four people alerted me to this inspiring news in the past 24 hours! Thanks to Joseph Andorfer, Jeannie Beau, Lisa PB, and Tom.)

Photo courtesy of Athletic Media Relations, Central Washington University


  1. In my opinion, this would be less likely to happen if the teams involved were men’s teams. I think women are superior to men in the area of caring for others and making peace. Back in the early 1980s I heard a radio show guest, a woman who had written a book recently about the topic, advance the idea that the world might be better off if most of the powerful countries had women as leaders.

  2. “It depends on WHICH women…. definitely.”

    Yes, I agree with that. I wouldn’t want a bunch of Margaret Thatchers running the world. My Utopian idea is along the lines that if a critical mass of the influential countries of the world were lead by women, that perhaps they might collectively look upon the world’s increasing population and shrinking resources and other problems, and decide to band together as one group to conserve what was left. I think men would be more likely to simply fight over what was left, which is especiialy dangerous because of the weapons available today versus just 100 years ago.

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