A man stuck in airport security gridlock was finally able to say farewell to his murdered grandson after a Southwest Airline pilot refused to depart without him.

The man, whose 3-year-old grandson was to have life-support turned off that night, had arrived two hours ahead of departure time for his domestic flight.

Despite explaining his predicament to the security staff, he recalled that no one cared at all to help him make it through long lines in time for takeoff.

Fortunately, his wife had purchased the airline ticket from a caring company, and she told the ticketing agent about the tragic reason for his trip.

After arriving at his gate 12 minutes late, shoes in hand and out of breath, he was greeted by Southwest Air personnel: “Are you Mark? We held the plane for you and we’re so sorry about the loss of your grandson.”

As the pilot walked him down the jetway to the plane, the grieving grandfather thanked him.

The pilot summed up his decision, saying, “They can’t go anywhere without me and I wasn’t going anywhere without you.”

(READ the letter from his wife to Chris Elliot)


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