brown-recluse-spider.jpg A bite from a poisonous spider had a miraculous result for a paraplegic man in California. After nearly 21 years in a wheelchair, he was able to walk again.

David Blancarte had no use of his legs after a motorcycle accident nearly killed him, until a spider bit him and within a week, his legs woke up, in Sacramento reported.

Watch CNN video below or read story at CBS-13…

Embedded video from CNN Video



  1. I think the story at the above link is very cynical indeed. Just because it wasn’t a brown recluse spider doesn’t mean it’s not good news.

    And the writer of your article adds a swift snark at the end about the man having to face old court charges. What’s THAT got to do with science? Or, anything?

    And to answer your directive directly, I don’t have the resources to “Always check the facts first” on every story in the mainstream media… That’s their job!

  2. Sometimes it is more important to just believe that to “check the facts” on everything….You should “check the facts” when investing or ingesting. Otherwise , let the good stuff roll

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