rose-arrangement.jpgI was campaigning last week for my candidate in the Virginia presidential primary and it was frigid, icy cold. Today, one week later, it is probably 80 degrees and balmy. (I wish the campaigners in Wisconsin todat enjoyed weather even half this warm!) … By the way, have you benefitted from viewing the Good News Network, or from my Great Mentors tele-seminars?  I am collecting testimonials from people about either my website, newsletter or, especially, the Great Mentors audio series.

Please email your praise or leave a message on my toll free number with your name and where you’re from — and your website, if you’d like: 1-866- Good News (866-466-3639)

maternity-tee-gnn.jpg • I’ve sent some maternity tops to a few pregnant celebrities (J-Lo, Nicole Kidman and Jessica Alba) and asked them to help support my effort to get good news into the hands of new mothers. We know postpartum depression can be debilitating, and positive news every day can only help. Give the gift that reminds new moms to stay on the bright side: Shop at

• If you’ve ever experienced depression or ADHD, plan on attending our next Great Mentors FREE tele-seminar, “Discovering the Gift Within Your Symptoms – Listening to Depression and ADHD.” How do we find purpose in our pain? We’ll ask Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, expert and author of the new book, Listening to Depression: How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life, and author of the book, The Gift of ADHD.  We’ll be taking your questions LIVE or by email. Join us Feb 26 — OR LISTEN TO THE FREE RECORDING afterward. All the info and the phone numbers are on my page.

~Enjoy your week! Geri


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