Phone with radar called StickNFindAre you tired of misplacing your keys, remote control or iPad? A clever invention called Stick-N-Find can help you find anything within 100 feet using your smart phone and Bluetooth. The application uses small tokens that you can affix to anything — a device, a child or an animal — for instant location using your Apple or Android phone.

The Stick-N-Find is small and thin, the size of a quarter and looks like a black Necco Wafer. The stickers have a buzzer and light, so that you can also find stuff in the dark. More than 4,500 people on the internet were impressed enough with the device that they’ve funded the project to the tune of $340,000.

The inventor, Jon Mitts needed funding for the project so he posted the idea in a video, along with the company’s manufacturing plans, on the crowd sourcing site, Indiegogo. In just a little over two weeks, they have raised more than $346,000 from individuals who are interested in using the product.

Mitts’ electronic product development company, Live Easy Technologies, already specializing in RF and very small Bluetooth designs. Located in Davie, Florida, it has been designing and managing the production of a variety of Bluetooth products for large companies ranging from automotive solutions to health and fitness products.

(WATCH the video below or learn more at their fundraising page)

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