So much trash in such a concentrated area... my friend and I plan on doing this everytime we smoke together. #StonerCleanupInitiative from r/trees


Stoners may get a bad rap for being stereotypically lazy, but a new social media movement is calling on marijuana users to join a massive international litter clean-up.


I was on my midnight walk home when I found a plastic bag with some trash in. The next thing I know is I pick up every single piece of trash I found on my way. Doing my part for the #StonerCleanupInitiative :) from r/trees


It all started when one Reddit user posted a photo of themselves holding a bag full of trash that they had collected from their favorite smoking spot in July.


Just Cleaned up the local smoke spot #StonerCleanupInitiative from r/trees


Within 24 hours, the post had been viewed hundreds of thousands of times – and it prompted a serious, but powerful question: what if every pothead took it upon themselves to tidy up their outdoor smoking hotspots?


My homies and I go around the island every weekend and collect truck loads of trash - all for the love of Earth. Glad to see the trend picking up fellow stoners! from r/trees


Dozens of users posted similar photos of themselves brandishing trash bags and armfuls of garbage that they had collected from their own smoking sanctuaries.


Didn't even take me 5 minutes to pick this up at a common smokespot. Let's keep the movement going! #StonerCleanupIniative from r/trees


The trend then gave birth to the #StonerCleanupInitiative hashtag, which is recruiting more and more participants every day.



Since the movement was created, hundreds more potheads have joined the initiative to keep Mother Earth a little cleaner – all while they get a little greener.



Even non-smokers have lauded the movement, with one Twitter user saying “Regardless of whether you agree with smoking weed, I think this is really nice.”



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