burned out Trailer-FB-500pxIn the blink of an eye, William Berkshire lost his home and everything in it after his travel trailer went up in flames outside of Roy’s General Store in Traverse City, Michigan on Sunday night.

The store’s manager felt so bad for the now homeless guy known as Mountain Man, he gave him a rarely used camper trailer so he would have somewhere to live.

“I look at this disaster … and that could be any of us, it really could,” Rob Hentschel told UpNorthLive.com. “We’re all human beings, we’re all neighbors. I had something that I could live without, and he needed a place.”

Mr. Hentschel had been a Good Samaritan in the past for Mountain Man, who usually lives in the woods, away from society. When Berkshire first pulled his trailer onto the store’s property, instead of asking him to leave, like so many other businesses did, Hentschel invited him out to dinner and said he was welcome to keep the vehicle, which had run low on gas, in their parking lot.

Hentschel posted the news about the fire on Roy’s General Store Facebook Page and asked others to donate items of clothing if they could. Within two days, Mountain Man had clothes, bedding and boots and dishes. American Waste also donated a dumpster for him to use as he cleans up the rubble.

WATCH the Video below from UpNorthLive or READ their report)

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