Horns honking and engines roaring, more than 100 trucks rolled down an Arizona road, giving an emotional send-off to a three-year-old boy who loved big rigs.

Elijah Steffen, who passed away August 21 from a rare disease, had been looking forward to his first monster truck show.Haylen ice cream Facebook

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Strangers from around the southwest showed up for a impromptu tribute to the little boy, after a family friend put out an appeal on Facebook, asking for one big rig to show up for Elijah’s funeral. Word spread and the turnout turned into an hour-long procession to honor the little boy and comfort his parents.

Fire departments and trucking companies sent trucks, and people who never knew little Elijah drove into the city of Mesa with anything from regular pick-up trucks to antique military vehicles.

There was even a monster truck.girl-wedding-to-favorite-nurse-AmazingAbby-FB-cropped

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Scott Campagna brought his 18-wheeler and told KNXT News his own son loved sitting in the center of the big rig next to him.

“I couldn’t imagine losing my child,” he said, choking up. “If we could make this family smile by being here, then it’s all worth it.”

(WATCH the video below from KNXV)  Photo: KNVX video

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