teachforamerica.jpgThere are a lot of positive trends in America’s public schools across the country, despite what you may be reading.

The percentage of English-language learners nationwide attaining proficiency in reading and math on state tests increased in more than two-thirds of the 35 states studied.

The increase was present at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and the data showed that test scores have also increased for other kinds of students, beyond English-language learners.

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  1. Great to hear- my wife and I have been watching the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution- on Friday nights on ABC- EVERYONE shoudl check it out and watch the back episodes online too- its AWESOME to see the positive movement and change in people! I was shocked to see the children in the schools not eating right and not having any idea what a even a potoate was! Yeah- so this is a great update on education in lite of that show! Thanks!

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