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When Christian college students set out to help build a hospital for women and children in Syria, they didn’t need a miracle to raise beyond enough money in a single day.

The students were attending an annual conference called Passion, a global gathering of college-age students that attracted 40,000 attendees over the past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas.

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The passionate youth at the arena events, and others online watching the live-stream, donated $785,000 on the first day of the campaign alone.

The $811,813 raised in two days was more than the $575,000 needed for “Project Haraka,” the planned hospital that will serve 12,000 people a year in northwest Syria, including refugees in nearby camps. It will feature the country’s first newborn intensive care unit.

The extra $236,000 raised at Passion will go toward medical care for an additional 10,000 people in the country.

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“Most people will seek a political angle any time Syria or the Middle East is mentioned,” Zach Walden, a law student at the University of Alabama, told USA Today. “But the reality is that the love of God transcends nations and politics.”

In past years, Passion events, organized by Choice Ministries, has raised money to fight modern slavery and human trafficking.

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