Jared Hill wanted to take his girlfriend Emily Jarrell to her Senior Prom in Manassas, Virginia. The only challenge was that Jared’s immune system was still weak from his recent chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

He was instructed by his doctors to wear a surgical mask for the entirety of the high school dance to be held May 3 at an elegant off campus manor house.

Fortunately, Emily & her Osbourn Park High School Choir friends devised a plan to make Jared (pictured, center, next to Emily in red) feel more comfortable behind the protective mask.

After Emily and her friends got all dolled up in their gowns, tuxedos and suits, they added one more accessory.

It may not be a new fashion trend but these youths, who all donned protective face masks, showed a sense of unity that the whole community could admire.

Indeed, the heartwarming story was highlighted by a Northern Virginia newspaper and the local FOX News affiliate in Washington DC.

“It’s great to see our youth care for one another and to help out a friend in need,” said Emily’s father, David Jarrell. “Kudos to a great group of kids!”

InsideNova lists the students in the Jarrell photo, from left to right, to be: Lilly Sanusi, Malik Moultrie, Megan Onyundo, Ciarra Crowe, Kyra Davis, Niamat Sekhon, Cierah Frederick, Sabine Stewart, Jared Hill, Emily Jarrell, Traci Hurt, Simone Beaty, Scott Rhodes, Matthew Thatcher, Jackie Fleming, Deanna Knox, Alex Powell, and Noah Rhodes.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from Fox-5)

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