The Lesson: When people complain about petty issues, Sai Kaustuv wants them to know that no problem is unconquerable. The next time they lack the motivation to solve their problems and feel like giving up, they can remember how he managed to overcome his own struggles of being disabled—all by using a single finger.

Notable Excerpt: “If you really want be successful, transform your adversities to opportunities. There are thousands of things to complain about but there are millions of things to be grateful for. We often fail to see the big picture of our lives and blame others. Try to focus on your can ‘dos’ rather than ‘can’t dos.’ You will then see your hidden potential within you. Think out of the box and do something extraordinary! Miracles happen in the lives of people who choose to create that miracle; I chose this miracle and made it happen in my own life [so I could] inspire many more like me to choose the best in their lives.”

The Guest: Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta, also known as the ‘Wheelchair Warrior of India,’ is an outspoken advocate for how ‘disability is not an inability.’ He is an Asia Book of World Record Holder, and a self-taught international graphic designer, a singer and composer, and TEDx and motivational speaker.

Suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease), Kaustuv has endured more than 50 fractures, as well as hearing impairment. Despite being 90% disabled, he still manages to create international designs with just one finger of his left hand, and has inspired millions of global leaders, scholars, doctors, students, and young professionals with online and live sessions of his motivational talks and happiness coaching.

Podcast: Join his #HappinessUnlimited movement through a Youtube channel, and follow his social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for more updates about his inspiring journey.

Books: 27-year-old Kaustuv is the author of “My Life, My Love, My Dear Swami,” which he wrote entirely with the help of a virtual on-screen keyboard. The book has already been translated into nine different Indian languages since it was published in 2015.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below)

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