Orangutans - CC Hadi Zaher

Sumatra has a lot more monkey business going on than we originally thought.

In a new survey taken in the northern parts of the Sumatran jungle, the population count of the native orangutan clocked in at 14,600 apes – more than double the original estimate.

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The increased number is credited to the spread of the mammals to further reaches of the country which were previously thought to be uninhabitable for the orangutans.

After researchers began their population count, nests were found in higher elevation, and near Toba lake, and in already logged forests–all locations which had never been surveyed before.

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The survey, beefing up the population by 60 percent, comes as welcome news for the Sumatran orangutan species decimated by poaching and logging and once thought to number just 6,600.

Photo by Hadi Zaher, CC

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