Social media users across the world are going bananas for a supermarket’s eco-friendly replacement for plastic packaging.

Rather than wrapping all of their produce in plastic, a branch of the Rimping Supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand has started bundling all of their fruits and vegetables in banana leaves and flexible bamboo.

While this technique is commonly used by produce vendors in tropical locations, it is rarely seen on the shelves of international supermarkets.

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The leafy greenery offers a host of benefits in comparison to plastic. For starters, consumers can use the biodegradable leaves as nutrient-rich compost. Since the leaves are so readily abundant in the tropics, they are available for free – or at least much cheaper than plastic.

Furthermore, the leaves are naturally waterproof, resistant to humidity, and devoid of toxic chemical additives.

Plus, Facebook users have pointed out that the greenery is much more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to plastic.

Photos of the produce packaging have been shared thousands of times after they were published to the Facebook page of local realty company Perfect Homes Chiang Mai.

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“When it comes to cracking Chiang Mai’s plastic troubles, for sure there’s still a long way to go; but kudos to Rimping Supermarket for a positive step in the right direction,” wrote the realty group in a blog post.

“And if it means just one less plastic bag littering the landscapes, fouling the waterways and choking the storm drains in this fair [country] of ours, then we reckon it was well worth us posting!”

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