April plays host to nature lovers’ favorite week of the year: National Park Week. And, free admission is part of the celebration.

Starting on April 16th and running until April 24th—a week that contains Earth Day—all national parks in the United States will be admission free. From Yosemite to the Grand Canyon, all 417 of the most beautiful landscapes in the country will be open to the public without any entrance fees, commercial tour fees, or transportation entrance fees attached.

Though camping and tour fees will still apply, all of the parks are opening their doors to accept visitors from near and far – and not just wilderness areas either. The event also encompasses historical sites like Gettysburg, Jamestown, the Wright Brothers Monument, and the homes of presidents, like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

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This summer in particular marks the 101st birthday of the National Park Service. To find a park near you, you can check out the National Park Service website.

You can also support the National Park Service’s mission in a host of ways; you can make a donation to help protect the over 84 million acres of land preserved by the organization; join the parks community, or renew your membership if you already have one; or buy a gift from the national parks gift guide.

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  1. If you are over 62, go to your nearest National Park or apply by mail to get your lifetime National Park pass. It’s only $10. But do it NOW. The fees are going to go up to $80 this October so don’t wait. I’m going to buy a second pass and keep it in a safe spot in case the one I have now gets lost or stolen. Yosemite was beautiful this past May. I want to go to Sequoia in a year or two. I’ll be going to some parks closer to me much sooner. A $10 lifetime National Park pass is the best money you can spend. You may not be planning a trip now but you might need that pass in the future. So invest in one. It’s the price of one movie theater ticket but will last a lifetime.

    National Park passes for the disabled are free. For now. But who knows about the future. If you are disabled, send for your National Park pass before they start charging a fee. Plenty of Yosemite Park was accessible so don’t think you’ll never use your pass. You might.

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