One brave little boy just got a surprise from some strangers that he will treasure forever.

This past January, a stray bullet took out the right eye of Donovan Lyles Jr. while he was playing video games in his Detroit home. When a local theater group, Captain Fishbones and the Pirates of the Forgiven, learned that the young survivor would soon be turning five, they decided to don matching eye patches and throw him a pirate-themed party for his birthday.

At first, DJ, as his family affectionately calls him, was startled and shy around his costumed guests, but once he realized the event was just for him, he warmed up and hugged every “matey” in sight. His two sisters, Emory and Eternity, also got in on the bandit action, and were especially thrilled to gather up some treasure-filled gift bags.


His brand new hearties donned him “DJ the Daring,” a title that the Pirates of the Caribbean fan didn’t mind one bit.

“It’s now his official pirate name,” Carole Cross, a theater group member, told ABC News.

DJ, who was the victim of an apparent drive by shooting, has since moved to a safer neighborhood with his family.  His mother, Emily Brazelton, sacrificed her job in order to take care of him, and the two remain optimistic.

“When I told him his eye was gone, he said he would ‘just have to become a pirate then,'” said Brazelton.

And so he did. Well done, Captain Fishbones and crew!

(WATCH video of the pirate party from ABC News)

Photo Credits: Captain Fishbones and the Pirates of the Forgiven – Facebook

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