Tired of the endless swiping on Tinder? Next time you open the app, be sure to keep an eye out for Sudan: “the most eligible bachelor in the world”.

Sudan is the last male white northern rhino on the planet, and conservationists at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya have partnered with the dating app Tinder to save his species.

Sudan was unable to mate with the only two other surviving female white northern rhinos, leaving his chances of natural reproduction at zero. However, scientists believe that they can save the species by using in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Though the operation has never before been performed on rhinos, officials say that there is still a chance for the rhinos if they try.

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“There is no guarantee of success.  We could spend this money and fail.  But we hope that you will agree that it is worth trying,” says Elodie Sampere of Ol Pejeta Conservancy. “Should any funds remain after success or failure, then the committee set up to safeguard the northern white future will reinvest those monies into protecting the world’s remaining rhino species.”

Assisted reproduction methods are estimated to cost about between $9 and $10 million – but Tinder users can now find the massive mammal on the app featuring a bio that says: “I don’t mean to be too forward, but the fate of the species literally depends on me. I perform well under pressure… 6ft (183cm) tall and 5,000lb (2,268kg) if it matters.”

Lonely singles who come across Sudan’s profile – which will be displayed in 190 countries and over 40 languages – can donate money to his fundraiser.

If you’ve already found love and have no need for dating apps, you can donate via the conservancy’s website or Sudan’s GoFundMe page.

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