Syl Puccio 1940 Pearl Harbor hero - family photoYesterday marked the 70th anniversary of the attack on the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor, and “a day that will live in infamy”.

It is augustly remembered by Roger Hare as the day his father survived, along with many of his shipmates aboard the badly torpedoed USS West Virginia, because of the quick-thinking actions of a single sailor named Sylvester Puccio. And Hare wants everyone to hear the story.

“Typical of that generation, Puccio stayed silent about his heroics out of respect for the piles of heroes he witnessed — the boys who never returned,” wrote Hare in an anniversary column in the Auburn Citizen. “(Puccio’s) daughter, Pam Selden, did not know her dad saved many lives, including my father. So I used old Navy records to prove his action was crucial.”

Determined to spread this story of the man who saved his family — and generations of families, Hare wrote the story for publication. The dramatic rescue of a battleship appears online here under the headline, An Angel Sent By History.

The story now adorns the wall of a museum in Rome, New York where Mr. Puccio still lives.

Heartwarming tributes to Syl Puccio have occurred thanks to Hare’s publicizing of the story, including a high school in Phillips, Wisonsin that raised money to buy a memorial to the hero…

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Syl appears in this local News tribute to the vets of Pearl Harbor (with advertisement)…

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