valentine-cupid-arrow.gifA company based in Boston and Bangalore offers a cool way of sending a Valentine or Birthday wish to someone special in the United States. Send live singing telegrams from India to any mobile phone or land line for only $5. features an original lineup of songs written by Boston songwriters. The songs are quirky, fun, and out of the ordinary and the sender receives a digital recording of the song, including the recipient’s reaction, after the call is made.

Typically, songs can be ordered the day before delivery. If they are sold out for a particular date, delivery for that date will no longer be an option for all songs. As of this writing, Valentine’s Day is still open. (I sent Cupid’s Arrow to my husband… Shhh!)

On top of being economical to send, TajTunes are eco-friendly too. They use Paypal for payments.

Check out their wonderful Valentine’s Day song, called Cupid’s Arrow, on


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